My kitchen fell apart in less than a day

Help for the kitchen image

Help for the kitchen imageI don’t know anyone who cooks as much as I do. I know wonderful cooks who make much fancier fare, and others who’s presentation rivals top restaurants. But for straight out, cooking everything from scratch, every meal, I’m right up there with the certifiably obsessed. I obviously have a good, working kitchen, relatively organized. Yet, it fell apart because of one little event.

I bought a few new plates.

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Reducing the Grr! Factor: Tame your cords and loose ingredients with elastics

Real food tips controlling cords photo
A simple elastic wrapped around small appliances ends cord problems in your cupboards

I’ve mentioned before that I have a small kitchen. One of the secrets to happy work in a tiny space is keeping countertops clear, so I choose to store small appliances that I use occasionally in a cupboard. However, I hated fighting with cords when moving them in and out.

The solution turned out to be a simple elastic band.

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Building your personal cooking file

Recently I wrote about my dislike of following recipes. That doesn’t mean I am always running on my memory. That is one of my more unreliable talents, so I have learned to document what I am unlikely to remember.

Real food recipe folder image
A simple folder holds recipes from friends and outside sources, as well as successful recipes gathered from the Web.

First, when I do use a successful recipe, I save it. Recipes arrive in my kitchen scrawled on a scrap of paper, if from a friend or other source of inspiration, or printed on a page from the Web. I keep a folder in my cupboard to harbor these treasures (only if they work for me, of course). I have tried almost every recipe system available, and nothing has kept my important information in place better than a simple folder. I spend a little extra time finding what I need, because there is no order to my file, but the important thing is that it is easy to put the paper away, no matter what form it takes. When I am cleaning my kitchen, I am moving fast and on autopilot — no time for creative thinking. Any form of information storage that required intricate folding or cutting to fit, would never work.

Real food kitchen notebook
A notebook safely stores all the tips and observations from my own kitchen.

The second tool I could not do without is my notebook.

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