Sausage and quinoa in ten minutes

Ten minute sausage and quinoa dinner

Sausage and quinoa in ten minutes

I am working to a tight deadline today, but hunger said it was time. I thought about takeout. I have a favourite Vietnamese restaurant that makes a great, quite healthy selection that i love. However, it is a ten minute drive, each way. I checked the freezer, and truly, without pre-planning, I had my dinner on the table in exactly ten minutes.

The main dish is three frozen ingredients: a small Italian sausage, frozen, cooked quinoa and frozen peas. I turned the heat on under a small fry pan, while the sausage went into the microwave for 30 seconds so I could safely slice it. The slices went into the hot pan, flipping after a minute or so. Then I added the frozen quinoa and peas. Cover and let cook until the sausage is done and all is heated through. Stir in 1/2 to 1 tsp of butter or olive oil for flavour.

While the food was cooking, I sliced cucumbers, green onion, red pepper and jalapeno pepper for a salad. Salt and pepper, with a splash of olive oil and red-wine vinegar.

That’s it. It might take a few more minutes to create the same dish for a family of four, but no more than 15 minutes for sure. This can also be used as a concept, as beans and rice with onions and carrots, or ground beef, barley and green beans could also be great. The secret is to have all the ingredients in single serving size in the freezer. I usually have two or three grains, a couple of bean types, rice in freezer bags. Vegetables can come from the store in frozen form.

But most important? It tasted great and  … I made my deadline.


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