Reducing the Grr! Factor: Tame your cords and loose ingredients with elastics

Real food tips controlling cords photo
A simple elastic wrapped around small appliances ends cord problems in your cupboards

I’ve mentioned before that I have a small kitchen. One of the secrets to happy work in a tiny space is keeping countertops clear, so I choose to store small appliances that I use occasionally in a cupboard. However, I hated fighting with cords when moving them in and out.

The solution turned out to be a simple elastic band. I wrap an elastic around the appliance. When I am putting it away, I simply wrap the cord, and tuck the plug under the elastic. An instant, effective and almost-free solution. To reduce cord twist (another great Grr! inducer), as you are wrapping, make sure you keep the cord flat.

HINT: the elastics you often find on bunches of broccoli or similar produce, is the perfect size and sturdiness for this appliance cord control.

Real food pasta bags secured with elastic image
Pasta bags securely closed with elastic bands. No matter what type of bag, or amount remaining, the package stays neat and well sealed.

I keep a package of elastics in a kitchen drawer to secure open packages with smaller elastics, i.e., pasta. For short pasta, I fold the open end over the bag, and wrap an elastic around the bag, catching the open end. For straight pasta, like spaghetti or linguini, I simply wrap an elastic firmly around the bag and noodles, trapping the pasta into a tight roll. I don’t remember the last time I had dry pasta flying across my cupboards, once a fairly regular event.

Buy a package of assorted elastics and find a place to store them that is easy to access in the kitchen. I seem to go to my elastics at least once a day, using them to solve new storage problems on a regular basis.



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