Real food freedom: Bruschetta in a flash

Real food bruschetta photo
Bruschetta is a quick meal that is easily customized.

As part of doing this blog, I spend a little time each day reading other food blogs. I stumbled on a blog post about bruschetta, on a site called Daily Organized Chaos. That is all it took to prompt me to make a former favorite that I have probably not enjoyed for two years. My version is quite different than the one that sparked the idea, but that is the beauty of real food. An idea can turn into a custom-created meal in minutes.

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Where real food starts

Rea; food starts here
My community garden plot about mid-season, 2010.

This site is dedicated to replacing pre-prepared food with meals created from healthy ingredients, in your home. Most of my discussion and tips start at the supermarket, because that is where a vast majority of people obtain their food.

This is not a gardening site. However, I am an avid gardener, growing much of my own food, even though I live in the inner city. I am fortunate to have a 1200 sq. ft. community garden plot, and am planning to keep a journal on this site of my garden’s progress. I’m late this year, but that documentation will start soon. It will not be part of the main site, but rather a menu option for anyone who wants to connect with that part of the real food story.

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