Fabulous salmon idea borrowed and changed

Real food salmon pita photo
Salmon, cucumber and sour cream on a pita. Very quick, and amazingly tasty.

I found an intriguing new way to serve salmon on another blog. See the Curry Crusted Salmon recipe here. I intend to make the salmon as presented on the Slow Kitchen Blog when I next get fresh salmon, but I took the idea and created a very quick lunch.

This sandwich depends on quality canned salmon. I used Red Sockeye salmon, straight from the can. In fact, I broke up the bones and skin right in the can.

I warmed a pita and cut it into four wedges. The salmon came next, using about 100 grams (3½ oz) for this sandwich. I then piled on thinly sliced cucumbers and a few sliced jalapeno peppers. A dollop of light sour cream and garlic chives topped off each quarter.

You can tell by the instructions, it was a quick meal. What you won’t know until you try it, is how fabulous it tasted. When you have great ingredients, simple is the best route. I always save my Sockeye salmon for dishes where it gets to be the star, not buried under other flavors.

The route to this sandwich deserves attention if you are trying to increase your real-food cooking. As soon as I saw the salmon recipe, I wanted to try it. However, I didn’t have the exact ingredients. But I took the idea of salmon and sour cream on a pita, and twisted it to fit the ingredients I had on hand. The inspiration was more important than the actual recipe. In addition to the sandwich I made today, one that will make an appearance for company — it’s that good — I will be using this idea to look for other ways to use pita as a base for grilled … whatever.



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