Extended storage for pineapples

Real food pineapple with top removed photo
To save space in the refrigerator, I always take the top from the pineapple as soon as I bring it home. Note that the shoulder is intact.

Have you noticed that a pineapple will last a long time in your fridge — as long as you don’t cut into it? Have you also noticed that once you peel and chop a pineapple, it seems to spoil almost overnight? I won’t admit how long it took me to put these two concepts together, but I can now save a pineapple for a long time, even though I am using it as I go along.

The pineapple skin is the perfect storage container for the fruit. So, I work with it. First thing I do when I bring a pineapple home from the store, is lop off the top. I refuse to give up my tall storage shelf in the fridge for something I cannot eat. I do leave the shoulder area intact, though, as that protects the top of the fruit.

Real food pineapple photo
Pineapple with one slice peeled and cored, ready to eat. The peel from the single slice, as well as core pieces are on the right. The remaining pineapple retains the skin, and plastic wrap protects the cut edge.

When I wish to use the first fruit of the pineapple, I cut off the shoulder area, which is inedible. I then cut a slice from the pineapple, with the peel intact.

I simply peel the individual slice, and remove the core. That leaves the rest of the fruit protected by the perfect storage container — the skin.

I put a piece of plastic wrap over the cut edge. When I need another slice, I cut off a very thin slice from the cut edge. Even protected by the wrap, the exposed edge does take on an unpleasant taste and texture. Removing the top layer exposes perfect fruit below. I then repeat cutting a slice off with the peel intact.

I usually quarter the slice after I have cut off the skin, which makes an easy cut across the point of the quarter to remove the core. If I need an intact slice, it is easy enough to cut the core from the center of the slice.

I have kept a single pineapple for at least two weeks in this way. That is compared to several days at best if I cut a whole pineapple into chunks or slices. I usually have pineapple on hand, and this method of storage is the reason.

Give it a try, and look for other ways to preserve fruit and vegetables in their natural skin or peel.


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  1. It was the best solution for preserving pineapples I have read, thanks Wendy. I kept a whole pineapple in refrigerstor gor about 6 to 7 weeks. It seemed pretty good, and before I thought it was bad, I cut after reading your website, and I want to share with you and other readers that pineapple was still very good, sweet and very juicy. The color inside was darker yellow, it was good. Any longer, pineapple would not have preserved, barely made it.

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