Freeze bread for single-slice use

A good bakery offers many great, healthy types of bread. But bread without preservatives does not stay fresh for long. Bread freezes well, but what if you want rye bread, but whole wheat is the one that is not frozen. Solve that dilemma and open all choices by freezing all your bread. I keep two or three types of bread on hand at all times — in the freezer. I never waste a slice, and simply select the number of slices I need each time.

Most fresh bread is moist, and the water from one slice is quite happy to join with water from the next, making the slices impossible to separate without breaking. Give your slices a little space as they freeze, and you will have an entire loaf of separate slices.

Real food method for freezing bread
Twist the end of the bag to remove air, then put on the closure. Click the image to see the full setup.

Remove the bag closure, and twist the extra plastic to remove the air from the bag. You can also squeeze the air out of the extra area, but I have found that I get much more air out by twisting the bag. Replace the closure at the end of the twist, away from the bread.

With the closure in place, release the twisted portion of the bag. Put your hands under the loaf and shake your fingers to separate the slices and move the bread to fill in the area of the bag all the way to the closure. There is no magic trick here — you just want to move the slices apart.

Real food bread freezing method.
Shake the slices apart to fill the whole bag. Once the bread freezes, the slices will separate easily.

Place the spread out loaf in the freezer, letting the slices move as little as possible. The slices will still be touching, but the area of contact has been seriously reduced. Once the loaf is frozen, in a couple of hours, you can let the slices fall back together. When you use a slice or two, force as much air as possible from the bag, and place the closure close to the remaining bread. There is no need to twist every time.

Now you have easily accessible bread, slice by slice, that will last for a couple of months.


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