Is there anything chicken soup can’t fix?

Real food chicken soup image
Real chicken soup fills the belly and soothes the soul ... as a start.

I’ve spent the last two days trying to catch up with the big garden. That adds up to about 11 hours over two days, either working with the shovel or doing deep knee bends that are held forever. I arrived home at 9pm, exhausted and starving. I not only needed good food and fast, I needed a lift.

My freezer came to the rescue, and some of what I used I have already documented here. All will eventually be explained on this site.

I have chicken stock in the freezer, though any good stock will do. I put about 12oz of broth into a pot and brought to a boil. I simply added chopped onion, celery and tomato to the broth. (Tomato is unusual for my chicken soup, but I have far too many right now, so they go into everything — that’s how real cooking works.) A handful of noodles followed the veggies into the soup. A the last minute, I decided a little extra protein would be good, and I took one strip of chicken from the freezer (see Freezing with Options), and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, so I could easily chop it. Into the pot.

While it cooked for about 15 minutes, I warmed a pita, cut it into wedges and had that with tomatoes and cheese. By the time I finished the pita appetizer, the soup was cooked. I added a bit of parsley and dinner was served. (See how to keep herbs fresh and handy.)

The good food not only filled the obvious role to satisfy the hunger, but I also am less stiff than I was walking through the door. Some of that may be explained by blood sugar level, but I think good food prepared at home has the power to heal beyond the obvious.


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