Keep an avocado fresh for real food additions

Real food avocado storage
Cut just what you need at one time from an avocado.

Everyone loves guacamole. But avocados, with their creamy texture, gentle, but distinct flavor, and healthy fat can add a great touch to sandwiches, salads, main dishes and soup. Trouble is, an avocado is not forgiving once it is cut. Here’s a tip to let you use an avocado, one slice at a time.

Cut only what you need from the whole avocado. Here I have cut a wedge that is less than a quarter of the entire fruit. I needed just a bit for a sandwich. To cut, start in the middle, working vertically, and cut through the skin and flesh to the pit. Using the pit as a guide for the first bit of the cut, use the tip of the knife to finish a vertical cut that is the depth of half the avocado. Repeat to cut on the other side of the pit. You can cut from top to bottom in one move, but until you are comfortable with finding the center point, working from the center and following the pit helps.

Decide how large a wedge of avocado you need, and repeat the cut at that point. I have found than an average avocado yields 5-6 single servings. Cut more for guacamole, less for sandwiches. Use your knife to pop the cut wedge from the fruit. If you hit resistance, you may not have a deep enough cut. This can be tricky for the first wedge if you need to keep it looking good for slices, but if you are going to mash it, just force the wedge out. Future cuts, once the first wedge is removed, are much easier.

Peel the skin off the part you wish to use and slice, or mash if you are making a small amount  of guacamole. (Yes, I do make single servings of guacamole for some of my Mexican dishes.)

Real food avocado storage
Press wrap against the avocado flesh to keep the moisture in. It will still turn brown, but removing a tiny slice reveals perfectly fresh avocado waiting to be used for the next dish.

Wrap a small piece of plastic wrap around the remaining avocado, pressing the wrap into the pit and flesh. Don’t worry about loose wrap around the skin portion — the skin protects the flesh perfectly.

When you need a second piece from the avocado, you will find the edges are brown and ugly. Simply trim a tiny slice from the edge you wish to use, and proceed as for the second cut above. The flesh will be perfectly fresh once the edge is cut off. Replace the plastic wrap in the same way on the remaining avocado for the next time. Keep the pit in the fruit for as many cuts as it will hold on. Like the skin, the pit is perfectly designed to keep the avocado fresh.

Avocados last a surprising amount of time when stored in this way. Since I came up with this method for protecting left-over avocado, I almost always have one on hand to add that special touch to my meals.

Easy technique for saving avocados photo
The avocado has aged, so cutting a thin slice from the edge.

Easy technique for saving avocado photo
Once a thin slice is removed, another slice is cut,. Note the difference between the cut side and the one that was not refreshed. The remainder is wrapped again.

Update: I have been working on the same avocado for 12 days and wanted to share the results with you. The photos below show the before and after I used the last piece. Note that the pit is still attached. I don’t always get to the last slice with the pit holding on, but it is tenacious. If the pit does come loose when you still have avocado to save, simply cut away the first layer of the pit depression and you will find solid, perfect fruit below.

Storing avocado photo
This is the same avocado featured through this article, but 12 days after the first cut.

Storing avocado image
Final slice of avocado after the brown areas are cut away. It is every bit as fresh and delicious as the first slice.

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  1. Yes! Now I see. Big print, too! Duh! Thanks so much. OK. Will definitely try this; I love avocados and can never eat a whole one at one time, and they’re too expensive to throw parts away.

    • I’ve tried a bunch of methods before coming up with this one. It really works. You waste a little when you cut off the brown stuff, but that is nothing compared to throwing out half an avocado. Let me know how it works for you.

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