Pizza in ten minutes

10-minute pizza: Take that, takeout!

Pizza in ten minutes
Top-quality pizza ready in 10 minutes. Cost? $1.25.

It’s hard to believe that you can make a pizza from scratch faster than you can cook a frozen model, or order takeout. Just a teaser for a coming how-to, this pizza took me ten minutes to create, from the time I took the dough from the fridge, to when it was on my plate, ready to eat.

Not only was it fast, it was cheap (especially since I had scooped Bocconcini  cheese at half price). A bit of homemade dough, one mushroom, 4 paper-thin slices of pepperoni, and a tablespoon of homemade tomato sauce and $1 in cheese. Top-quality pizza for about $1.25. And the single-serving size (6½”) allowed no temptation to overeat a favourite food.



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