Flour shaker for easy kitchen use.

Make peace with flour using a shaker

Flour shaker for easy kitchen use.
Flour shaker makes many jobs easy.

Flour can be a nuisance, especially if you need just a little bit. Way back when I was cooking in a commercial kitchen, we had large flour shakers to easily coat counter surfaces, or as a thickener.

I borrowed that commercial tool for my personal kitchen. My shaker holds about a cup, and has two openings: one for sprinkling, and one that I can dip in with a spoon for larger amounts of flour.

This one little addition to my kitchen makes me much more likely to use refrigerated bread dough, or even to make a few biscuits. A good example is the quick personal pizza I made in under 10 minutes. The rolling and pressing of the dough was so easy when I could sprinkle the exact amount of flour I needed.


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