Real food components: When it all comes together

Grilled cheese with roasted red pepper and hot salt image
Grilled cheese with roasted red pepper and hot salt. Grilled cheese is always good. This sandwich was great.

When you are hungry on a busy Saturday, you are highly unlikely to put together a great lunch following a recipe. But when you run in, too hungry because you spent an hour doing one more thing before you stop for lunch, you can still have a great lunch when you have some real-food aids on hand.

This sandwich was the result of ingredients I prepared ahead. It is simply cheddar cheese, roasted red pepper, and hot salt, grilled in a George Foreman Grill. The harvest-grain bread was frozen in a way that let me easily retrieve two slices.

Total time was under ten minutes from plan to plate, but the taste was amazing. A grilled cheese sandwich would have cured my hunger, and that is where I started. I spotted the roasted pepper when I retrieved the cheese, and the peppers prompted using the hot salt, a staple in my kitchen.But the flavor gained by adding a couple of ingredients moved my sandwich into the gourmet class.

Build up the ingredients that you can grab on impulse, and you will find yourself rejecting fast-food alternatives. I could have grabbed a sub on my way to the next part of my day, but I have learned that I can usually make better food at home. Not just better for me. Not just far cheaper. But better tasting. By far.


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