Real food condiments: hot salt

Hot salt

Real food condiments: hot salt
Real food spices: mix great salt and dried chilies for a great table spice.

I love specialty salt, especially grey salt, often from France. I also love dried hot pepper flakes, especially if they are made from my own dried chilies.

Together, they make a spice mix that can pick up the flavor of almost any food. Simply crush dried chilies in a mortar and pestle (or mince and crush on a cutting board). When the chilies are quite fine, add the coarse salt and crush until the grains are small, but still in crystal form. Be careful not to crush the salt into a powder, as it makes it hard to sprinkle.

I keep a little bowl of this mixture on the table, and one in the kitchen. Just pinch and sprinkle, or you can use a tiny spoon. Try it on eggs. Fabulous! Experiment with the ratio between chilies and salt that is right for you.


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