Keeping bean sprouts fresh

Bean sprouts in water and lemon photo
Storing bean sprouts in a covered container, with water and lemon juice keeps them fresh for a long time.

I love bean sprouts. I love them in sandwiches, soup, salads and stir fries, of course. Trouble is, they last about 20 minutes in the fridge before they turn into a soggy, slimy mess.

Store them in a covered container filled with fresh water and a lemon slice, and you will find that your bean sprouts will stay fresh, white and crisp for a week or more. Trust me … it works.

Hint: Find a place that offers bean sprouts in bulk. Until just a few years ago, that was the only way you could find bean sprouts. From a marketing perspective, it makes sense to force us to buy a huge $1.50 bag of sprouts, even though we can only possibly use 50 cents worth before throwing out the remainder. From a buyer perspective, it makes sense to say no thanks. The bagged quality is questionable, and the sprouts you see in this photo, about a cup, cost 17 cents at my favorite Asian grocery store.


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  1. I read another very simple solution that works just fine. I stored my last leftover batch (large handful) in a large jar with a Plastic screw-on top.
    It’s been 8 days now and they are still white and fresh looking. Oh, not washed either.

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